Problem-free sliding-gate motors from Life

Automation has undoubtedly simplified our lives, making certain day-to-day tasks immediate, particularly in the domestic sphere, where domotics is currently a hot topic and is becoming a distinctive feature of high-quality living spaces.

Without getting into the merits of the numerous applications of various domotics systems, let us consider a practical case demonstrating how a simple action such as opening a gate can help us when automated by a motor.

There are multiple advantages: from time saving to avoiding the inconvenience of getting out of the car in bad weather or the difficulty of opening and closing a heavy gate.



 Let’s think about which features are important for a gate automation unit, looking particularly at sliding-gate motors.

 On an automatic sliding gate, the moving part, called the wing, slides on a track parallel to the entrance passage. This type of gate normally features one wing, but with the Digital Life control card, two opposite wings can also be managed.

An electric sliding-gate motor is always chosen considering the dimensions and weight of the wing that it must operate, as well as the frequency of use. The latter often depends on the location in which it is installed: residential use (few daily open and close operations) or heavy use, where the gate is operated hundreds of times during the day.

Selecting the correct motor for the type of gate and usage is fundamental to achieve the best performance from the motor and therefore allow perfect, linear operation, without blocking during opening or closing.

Obviously, as sliding-gate motors are normally installed outside, they must also use materials which are resistant to impacts, temperature changes and bad weather conditions.



 A leading product in the catalogue of Life automation units is the Acer motor, a solution for sliding gates, designed to be long lasting and available in two 24V versions and nine 230V versions.

The motor features an aluminium structure with an impact-resistant outer shell.

The extraordinary performance offered by Acer allows simple operation of gates with large dimensions and for special installations.

The Digital Life Technology department here at Life is completely dedicated to research and development and has worked closely with customers to identify the best solutions also for non-standard installations, e.g. semicircular installation.

Life Home Integration differentiates itself for its extremely rigorous quality system, with every single product thoroughly tested before going out for sale.

For example, the motors are subjected to extreme temperatures in a temperature chamber to assess whether performance remains constant across the temperature range. They are also subject to testing with operation under overload conditions for extended periods to check resistance and above all to ensure safety conditions are always optimal.

Life is particularly focused on safety and this has led to implementation of the high quality standards that set us apart.

The Acer sliding-gate motor is extremely robust and features an encoder that allows use with high levels of safety during operation.

Like all Life automations, our sliding-gate motors also stand out from other solutions on the market for their immediate-installation characteristics. Thanks to our innovative Digital Life control unit, in just one minute the installer can complete the procedure without work on the control card with screwdrivers or other tools, by simply using the touch display.

In the case of left-hand-closing gates, the Digital Life control unit installed on our sliding-gate motors allows the installer to adapt to the situation with a single click on screen. This inverts the direction of movement of the wing and updates photocell connections and limit switches without manually changing the various settings, as this operation is performed automatically by the software, with significant time saving and the certainty that there are never poor connections or errors.


All of this can be summed up in two words: quality and practicality, values that we strongly believe in.