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“Does the product match the customer’s needs?”

“Is the price competitive?”

Understanding our customers’ needs is essential because it means we can make products that always provide the most suitable solution for fitters and users. The flexibility of Life Home Integration lies in its ability to create an exclusive relationship with every customer so as to allow them to choose the right automation from a financial and functional perspective.



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Easy installation

“Is the Life gate control unit easy to install?”

“Is the Life gate motor quick to program?”


Fitting Life Home Integration products is really simple. The instructions are clear and easy to understand for everyone. Installation requires only a few manoeuvres and every step is designed for simplicity. The traditional Professional and Easy cards are supplemented by the Digital Life (DL) card, which is used to program the product in an even quicker and more convenient manner.



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“Are products resistant to impacts and stress?”

“What is the average life span of a Life Home Integration product?”


There is guaranteed quality control at all stages of design and manufacture: Life Home Integration directly manages the development of most of its solutions. Design integration, product qualification and thorough controls over the production process ensure that customers enjoy a very high degree of quality.

In addition, Life constantly pursues the following objectives:

– constantly improving the quality of its products and services;

– putting customer satisfaction in pole position.




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“Is Life technology abreast with the times?”

“Are the products revamped to keep pace with the continuous requests from the market?”


Understanding the present to improve the future: research by Life Digital Technology never stops for a moment. Electronics and mechanics come together with a perfectly-blended balance to make safe, resistant and innovative products. The aim is to ensure comfort through technology, even during the installation phase whether it is in the home or in an industrial setting.



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“What type of support does Life offer?”

“What can I do if I need support?”


In addition to easy installation, we provide two different support services. We offer extremely useful training courses, perfect for keeping up-to-date with the latest news on Life Home Integration automation products. In addition, we have set up a Freephone service in Italy especially for installers who require further information or need to resolve some specific technical issues.



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What kind of warranty do Life products provide?

Every Life Home Integration product has a 36-month warranty. An additional assurance both for the installer and the end user and, above all, an even greater certainty: every product is manufactured to provide problem-free operation and long-term reliability.