About us

Life Home Integration was founded in 1972 as part of the AMP Group, operating in the plastics and metals industry.

The company has grown over the years, specialising in the automation sector, creating sturdy, reliable products that are easy to install.

Today Life has a department of its own fully dedicated to technology design, which has succeeded in making a name for the company in the market through self-development and by increasing its range of products.


All Life Home Integration products are made exclusively in North-East Italy.

This means all the electronic circuits and firmware, all die-casting and painting and all aspects of assembly and packaging.


Life Home Integration has attained a number of Italian and international certification awards for the radio frequency and quality of its products.

Why choose LIFE

Life Home Integration makes life easier!

Automation is a comfort that facilitates every movement. And this convenience is not just for those who use our products: it is also for those who install them! Fitting time reduced to a minimum – precious minutes that mean life and time devoted to whoever and whatever you like.