New visual image of Life

Life refreshes its logo and its communication!

The change reflects our decision to embrace a dynamic attitude and openness to novelty and new ideas; it is inspired by the evolving communication trends and by our sharp and active awareness to the consolidated and emerging needs of the market.

Life looks to the future enthusiastically, without forgoing its values and own distinctive traits which it desires to convey with renewed vigour.

We believe and work with the certitude that every detail, each apparently insignificant shade makes the real difference.

That’s why we have chosen to represent our identity with a “shade”, whose rich variety aptly reflects our flexible approach to customers that translates into a privileged relationship bordering on the personal, because we regard customers as the cornerstones of our endeavours.

Moreover, the “shade” is a lively one full of colours, because colours embody tradition and culture, they have meaning and are laden with emotions – that’s exactly what Life stands for and wishes to bring across.