Signaling and lighting systems


You can never be too cautious when it comes to safety, especially around the home, because adults are generally more attentive and aware, but potential victims of accidents or negligence could be children who by their very nature tend to be less mindful of danger.

This is why we need to know more about photocells and how they work as well as to be sure gates and garage doors blinkers are installed on the relative automated systems so that objects and people in the range of movement can be detected and signalled.

Someone pottering around the garden might not realise that you are about to drive down the driveway and that the gate is opening, or a family member absorbed in thought might not move out of the way to leave the garage door clear as it lifts up.

This is equally true for particularly ill-lit areas where two flashing lights should always be installed rather than just one. This will make the movements of the automated system clear to everyone and lower safety risks. This is the key reason why learning about signaling systems and knowing how photocells work are vital considerations for safety of small children and pets.



The life of a blinker depends on the external environment it is exposed to and clearly much is dependent on the quality of materials used for the manufacturing process; indeed, there are old blinkers that have been working perfectly for twenty years or so.

A light or blinker is made up of a bulb, an electronic circuit causing it to flash and a watertight cover.

Blinkers and photocells work during remote opening and some models are directly fitted with an in-built radio-control antenna.


The Life range of blinkers is made up of the 230V or 24V SPLENDOR models in the following versions: SPL VIP, SPLX VIP, SPL and FULGOR.

What mainly makes these automatic gate photocells and garage doors blinkers unique on the market is the fact that the flashing lights differ according to whether they are opening or closing; basically, the direction that the automated system is moving in is visually apparent.

This blinking-light system is directly managed by the Digital Life control unit for the models SPL VIP and SPL, while the SPLX VIP version (universal model) comes equipped with an electronic flashing circuit already included inside the blinker itself.

Another exclusive feature of Life’s outdoor lights for automatic gates lies in the fact that the light communicates directly with the user during the control-unit programming phases too and lets the installer know how the installation procedure is proceeding.

The innovative Digital Life control unit interacts directly with the lighting devices and makes this visual interchange possible without the need for any additional cards as is ordinarily the case because everything is already included in the software provided.

What is more, Life automatic gates and garage doors blinkers have been made with premium materials and are exceptionally stout. Indeed, the SPL VIP models weigh over 600 grammes!! Their extraordinarily robust design ensures outstanding performance levels over time which is a characteristic quality of all models from the Life range.

Completing the array of solutions offered, there is Fulgor, the elegant outdoor lights, which boasts a sturdy structure crafted from highly durable materials.

The bottom line is impact-resistant systems able to withstand any kind of external environment which light up your outdoor spaces too. Essential information about photocells and how they work can be provided by our team of professionals – just send us request to get vital information about photocells and solutions from Life Home Integration team.