Automatic gates and barriers: how to choose? | Life Home Integration


When we talk about automatic entrances and exits the first image that comes to mind is gates – but in fact automatic barriers are most often the most suitable solutions for safely regulating and controlling traffic access, even in areas with a fair amount of traffic. The usual application is public buildings, private residential areas or any structure that needs to prevent the entry of unauthorised persons’ vehicles.

Since barriers are faster than automatic gates, they are useful, for example, for vehicles entering and exiting factories and warehouses during working hours and for the loading and unloading of goods.

Finding your way to your choice of model: all you need to know

After this brief introduction we will right get to the heart of the matter and help you identify the things to consider in order to choose the right model for you.

Many different options are available and your decision rests primarily on two factors: traffic intensity and types of user.

For areas with multiple user access it is generally preferable to choose low voltage barriers, which allow for repeated and rapid opening and closing.

For residential areas, vehicle movements are made quick and convenient through the use of various types of remote controls, badges and transponders.

With these solutions, residents and authorised users can activate the opening or closing of the gate from the comfort of their car.

Another method, normally used for sports centres or hotel complexes, is entrance by token insertion or magnetic card, which operates on the same principles as in the previous instance.

With heavy traffic areas, vehicle passage is speeded up by the use of magnetic loop systems. When the vehicle passes over a detector positioned on the road surface, the barrier automatically lifts to let it pass and then closes immediately.

Depending on the security level required, magnetic card or radio frequency readers can be used alongside code systems with special keyboards, which are specially reinforced to protect against tampering.

All these systems can also be connected and monitored from a single control centre, giving an even higher level of security.  In this regard it is worth remembering that the innovative Digital Life control card is set up for connection to all the domotics systems.


Technical aspects to consider in the choice of model

 After the mostly user-related aspects above, let’s now move on to the more technical considerations.

To choose the right barrier type it is essential to take into account also the width of the roadway to be gated.

Depending on the space in question, the Life Home Integration range of barriers can accommodate boom lengths of 3, 4, 5 and even 6 metres (SUPRA MB MAX). To increase the visibility of the automatic barrier, choose a model where LEDs can be mounted directly on the boom, such as our SUPRA SU424.

Note that opening times are shorter when the booms are short and get longer as the boom length increases. But this is a matter of a few seconds – and remember that these times will not affect the barrier’s main function of rapid vehicle passage, even under heavy traffic conditions.

Another relevant aspect is the materials used in the construction of the automatic barriers – a factor to bear in mind especially in particularly cold climates.

The Life Home Integration range offers two possibilities:

  • Exterior shells in plastic material, specially developed for this application and coated with polyester paints specially made for outdoor use.

This solution is used in the SUPRA SU424 model and is a mechanically smart design with the shells constructed to be easily replaceable.

The model in question was created after listening to our customers’ needs: they told us that in the event of accidental vehicle impact they wanted to be able to easily repair the barrier. SUPRA SU4 24 is the result of this synergy and stands out for its elegant design, double signal lights and integrated LED lighting in the boom.

  • The Life Home Integration range also has painted metal barriers, constructed for high resistance to any temperature.

One of the noteworthy features of the Life automatic barrier range is the gooseneck bar of the SUPRA MB 24 model; this feature in fact allows the boom to bend at 90°, making it suitable for use in underground car parks with very low ceilings.

Choosing the most suitable model for every need is not simple and straightforward. That’s why Life Home Integration customer support is always available to give every customer the best support in finding the best solutions, so that they can fully appreciate all the benefits that Life Home Integration will bring to them.