Automatic sectional and up-and-over doors: with Life Home Integration, convenience is simple

Imagine you arrive home late, in the dark, and there is no one around, and you
have to get out of the car to open the garage, perhaps in an underground lot, looking anxiously around, listening out for every little sound.

Or, in another situation, you are at work and a customer asks you to install a motor for an up-and-over or sectional door. It’s boiling hot and you frantically search through the six different languages of minute text in the 150-page instruction manual, without your glasses, trying to find the English section. So, to speed things up, you try to connect with your smart phone, but the guided procedure is less than intuitive.

How would you feel in these situations? What needs would you want to be urgently resolved?

Life Home Integration always begins with this kind of logic when developing its products. We put ourselves in our customers’ shoes before everything else, asking ourselves what the primary requirements are.

But let’s take a step back. In the collective imagination, when we speak about entrance automation, the first thing that comes to mind is a garage door, exactly for reasons such as personal security and the practicality of entering our home without getting out of the car. This is why we need motors for sectional and up-and-over doors.


How do we choose between motors for sectional doors and up-and-over doors? And above all, what are the differences?

There are generally two types of garage doors used for residential installations:

– Up-and-over doors
These are composed of a single rigid surface fixed onto two steel side pivots, which allow opening or balanced operation of the garage door via a counterweight system.
When open, these doors may extend out from the garage or remain completely within.

There are generally two different types of up-and-over door motors, used according to the point at which the automation unit is installed: motors with a pull mechanism (ceiling installation) and door motors (installation directly on the door panel).

Up-and-over doors take up more space and are best used in combination with a pedestrian door.

– Sectional doors

The key feature of sectional doors is retractable opening: the door slides upwards on guide rails into the ceiling, without extending out of the garage.

The advantage of this solution is a reduction in opening space required and a generally more discreet and elegant aesthetic.

When choosing a motor for sectional or up-and-over doors, the factor to consider,
in addition to the type of garage door and its dimensions, is the space available above and below the door to allow free movement.

Let’s discuss the Life range of automation units for sectional and up-an-over doors.
Often, particularly in densely populated residential contexts with a lot of people coming and going, the noise generated by opening and closing of garage doors can represent a disturbance.
This is why Life has created the new Probo line (models 60 R, 80 R, 100 XL, 120 XL, for different dimensions of door), featuring a revolutionary transmission system that minimises noise generated by its activation.
The Probo model is also equipped with an encoder to guarantee maximum safety. This is a motor suitable both for sectional and up-and-over doors, with ceiling installation.
The PLUS model, instead, is a motor specifically for up-and-over doors, featuring an aluminium structure and, like the Probo models, it is strong and silent. In this case, the motor is installed directly on the garage door.
The VIS model is a motor for sectional doors with large dimensions or folding doors (generally for the industrial sector). Thanks to a double encoder system, this unit stands out for its precision and is therefore suitable for more complex installations.
But what makes Life motors different from other automation units?
– Ease of installation, also thanks to pre-assembled guide-rail kit, designed to simplify fitting of motors for sectional and up-and-over doors;

– Simple and intuitive programming, guaranteed by our innovative Digital Life control unit. In just one minute, this allows completion of set-up without work on the control card with screwdrivers or other tools, because everything is automatic, significantly reducing the margin of error;

And… the fact that our products have been designed and created with our customers’ needs in mind. In practice this translates into solid, robust and lasting products that require minimal maintenance.