LIFE is very glad to introduce you “Maxi Multicolor”, the new universal remote control by LIFE, compatible with all automation systems and suitable for the whole family  thanks to the different coloring of the four transmitters that makes them unique and ideal for personal use.

A new Life project that is important in many ways.

Life also wants to make itself known to those who approach for the first time LIFE world, making its quality, reliability and distinctive features of its products more tangible.


And what better way to do this than through a radio control that you can hold directly to perceive its features, advantages and peculiarities!!


Maxi Multicolor wants to be a contact point between Life and its audience because we are convinced that the perception of quality also passes through senses.


Life also wants to impress you with this new cheerful and sparkling graphics that represents the spirit and the path taken by Life, a dynamic road of innovation and novelty, a road that wants to communicate aloud the advantages and distinctive features of the Life world.