Simple gate automation technology: Digital Life

The automation sector for gates and doors is truly a universe full of facets and aspects to be discovered: there are so many challenges that professionals in this field have to face every day, and there are many paths that can be taken to achieve their business goals.

Life Home Integration wanted to focus on a project that was as simple in terms of concept, as it was ambitious in terms of implementation: to develop a control unit that successfully combines completeness in the proposal of functions and absolute ease of use.

What has resulted from a long and intense activity of analysis, study and optimization of the automatisms for gates and doors is for us more than a product to be commercialized. It is a solution based on values ​​such as practicality, reliability, resistance and intuitiveness of use, a solution that we wanted to call Digital Life.


A revolutionary simplicity

Our Digital Life card relates to the issue of automation of gates motors in an extremely innovative way: along with the fundamental aspect of improving technical performances, we wanted to focus also on simplification processes.

If a traditional gate automation card control unit needs to be programmed using a screwdriver, and requests considerable technical and manual skills, our Digital Life card allows you to program the automation system just with the touch of your finger: simply pressing the buttons on the keyboard, equipped with colored LEDs, and activate the desired functions.

The intuitive interface allows quick access to a completely digitalized system, a guarantee of greater efficiency in the execution of operations and a reduced possibility of error in the overall gate automation process.


Innovative design 

To realize the ideal automatic gate kit, Life Home Integration is continuously investing in research and development, particularly in the software field, to develop electronic components that are always up to date and performing.

With the name of Digital Life Technology this close-knit team of experts operates every day to implement speed and usability of the automations with the Digital Life card.

But software is not the only type of design to which we dedicate passion and commitment. We are well aware that a control unit for gates motors must find space in an architectural context, and for this reason we are continuously working on aesthetic aspects for every automation by Life Home Integration.

The design for gates and doors automatisms must be harmoniously integrated with the environment where it has to be installed, in terms of pleasant combinations of shapes, colors and materials, whether it’s a house, a company headquarters or a commercial area.

In short, Digital Life card is a path in continuous evolution, a journey that we build over time step by step. The compass, however, always indicates the same direction: the integration of cutting- edge technology and ease of use.