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Power cuts and automatic gates or doors: what is the best course of action?
Tips from Life to help you avoid trouble and get yourself out of sticky situations

You are inside your car and you are about to leave the garage when there is a sudden deafening thunderclap and the power goes out. So, what can you do now?
It would be a real problem if the up-and-over door and gate of your house were automatic and, in an emergency situation, this could become extremely serious.
This is why it is crucially important for all motors to be fitted with a release mechanism so that the automatic gates can always be moved, even when there is a blackout or a breakdown in the electric system; and it is just as important that the gate or door can be opened manually.

To provide you with an additional guarantee of total safety and complete peace of mind, Life 24V motors have a built-in emergency battery which can keep the automatic gate operating for several hours, even when there is a temporary electricity failure for a fairly long period of time.

Another issue which might seem inconsequential, but is actually extremely important in a critical situation, is key storage.
Upon installation, the gate engineer will give the homeowner at least one copy of the release key to open the box where the motor control mechanism is housed. Keeping this key in a place which is easy to find is extremely important. Another excellent idea is to label it so that it can be easily distinguished from another key. You will usually need this key when you are in a tight spot or in a rush so you need to keep it in a place that you can readily recall and access.
If you realise that you don’t have your version of this key, book a visit with a specialist in gate installations right now!

There is another important piece of advice for handling emergency situations in total safety. It is essential that members of the family who might find themselves stuck behind the house or garage gate when there is a power failure or electricity breakdown know how to react.
The motor release mode (therefore, the possibility of manually opening our gates, up-and-over or sectional doors) may vary from one automation system to another. To put it simply, the release mechanism is found in a different position on the various kinds of gate or door, but all of them are quite easy to locate and access.

That is why we should always ensure that all family members know how to release the automation system and get outside. It is not difficult to do, but it should be made absolutely clear so that we are not caught out by unexpected events.

Long-lasting performance levels with Life

However, regardless of unforeseeable circumstances such as blackouts, it is always a good idea to keep our automation systems in good working order by calling in a professional installer to carry out periodical maintenance work. This is essential to rely on a long-lasting piece of equipment.
The device inside the mechanism must be always well lubricated and clean to preserve its good condition. We can’t emphasise enough how important it is to prevent breakage (including major breakage) with a few simple steps. Regular cleaning is essential, and this can be done even using an ordinary brush to help us remove insects, leaves and other dirt that accumulate in time.
We know we said it before, but we are going to say it again. For safety reasons, this work should be carried out by a professional.

All you need is some basic care and your Life automation systems will reward you not only with exceptional performance levels that are consistent over time, but also with their resistance over time. All these qualities are due to the meticulousness and technical expertise that we rely on to manufacture our products.

Because we are driven by a simple desire – complete customer satisfaction.