Resetting the control unit on your gate: when and why?

Sometimes the unexpected can happen (like violent storms which can lead to power surges or disconnections). In these situations, you might have to reset the control unit of the automations for gates and garage doors.

There could be other circumstances whereby the electricity fails exactly when the strokes are being set up and data will be only partially saved.  In this case, a reset will be necessary and the control unit will have to be programmed again from the beginning.

These are only two quite commonplace examples to shine some light on an important issue. Under what circumstances is it necessary or advisable to reset the control unit of motors for gates or garage doors?

In this article, Life would like to give you some insight into what circumstances would commonly require the control unit to be reset, but we also want to show you how to run checks to avoid these situations.


When to reset the control unit of an automation system

We should start off by saying that a reset is necessary every time something interferes with the normal operation of the system.

There are many factors that could affect the normal operation of the motors; even though power fluctuations are one of the most frequent causes, there are many other things that could happen.

Another situation which could make it necessary to reset the control unit is when users decide to set their own time lag for the opening/closing of door leaves. In such a case, it will be necessary to reset the previous parameters, using the manual programming mode to set the new intervals with the remote control. Resetting is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with the Digital Life (DL) control unit. All you need to do is press the START button.


The advantages of programming a Life control unit

All programming operations on the control unit (both automated and manual) must be always performed by specialised gate engineers.

It is not just manual programming that is quick and simple, because the DL control unit is the only one available on the market that allows you to carry out automated programming in one minute by simply touching the keypad!

And this unique feature is the reason why Life is known and appreciated on the automation market both by installers (who know that installation work will be significantly easier and quicker) and customers (who can rely on Life motors to enjoy the advantages of a robust automation system that delivers consistent performance over time while requiring minimal maintenance).

Apart from the situations that we looked at so far, as a general rule it is always important to clearly identify the causes that have prevented the system from working normally. Indeed, a reset should be seen as a last resort that the installer will rely on after carrying out all necessary checks.

This is because an automated system often cannot move due to a mechanical factor; this could be a rusty hinge, a poorly positioned rack or a damaged gate wheel. In each one of these cases, resetting the control unit would be absolutely pointless.

In any case, your local installer will be perfectly able to run all necessary checks to identify any obstructions or problems, after which he will decide the next step, and his task will be made all the easier by the reliability and ease of use of Life motors.