SELECTORS: what are they and what are the types to choose from| Life Home Integration

Nowadays everyone is looking for better security for their homes, offices and other properties, and more and more people are looking for solutions that give certainty in this area.

In recent years, advances in technology have led to the invention of very sophisticated opening and closure systems, totally automated through the use of buttons, remote controls, smart cards, numeric codes, fingerprints, smartphones, etc. These types of instruments also include selectors – accessories that complete your security system and facilitate our daily actions. Here’s an example.

A situation that can easily happen on your return home is that you cannot find the remote control to open the gate or maybe you want to go out for a jog but you’d rather not have to bring a key or remote control.  Life Home Integration has listened to this type of need and responded with its range of selectors for automatic gates. Let’s have a closer look to see what it’s all about. Selectors are electrical/mechanical and/or digital electronic devices designed to let you select and set the operating modes desired for one or more automatic doors. They are suitable for sliding doors, swing doors, garage doors and barriers and any other requirement for automation, lights, irrigation systems, etc. Depending on your needs, you can operate gate opening through classic key switches, keypads or transponder selectors. The transponder solution allows entry only to users with cards or tags, while keypad selectors let you manage barrier opening through a customisable numeric code.

These accessories make up comprehensive automatic locking systems ensuring flexibility of application that is well suited to diverse needs.


The benefits of Life Home Integration selectors

Let’s look in detail at the benefits of Life Home Integration selectors. As with its entire range of motors and accessories, Life Home Integration guarantees strict quality control on 100% of its products.

These thorough controls, in addition to the use of materials specially designed for Life and manufactured on the back of long and proven experience in the plastics industry, ensure products of the highest quality, perfected to the last detail. Issues such as moisture infiltration or malfunctions due to poor quality plastics or materials are eliminated in all of the Life product ranges.

The range of selector switches for electric gates come in a variety of types:

  • Key switches such as DES and DESE, with universal cylinder lock and European cylinder lock respectively
  • DIXES digital selectors with backlit keyboards
  • Wireless WI digital selectors with backlighting and reduced power consumption.

WI is the innovative and practical solution that includes the Rolling-Code coding system, which is installable anywhere, even where there is no power supply, and guarantees the practicality and security of a Life device wherever it’s needed. The WI keyboard selector can store as many as 16 different codes to connect just as many devices ranging from Life automations to anti-theft systems and irrigation systems. So, with a simple receiver you can integrate WI into your modern home domotics systems.

The WI selector also demonstrates how Life puts practicality and quality at the top of the list of values that, day after day, year after year, inspire the creation of its entire product range.