Experimentation, design work and production always with an eye on the future

Life Digital Technology Department is a company specialised in product research, whose mission is to create functional automation systems, that are resistant and above all easy and quick to install.

In-depth knowledge of electronics and mechanics combines with a clear understanding of the needs of product installers and users, thus reducing any complex matters to a minimum.


Control units

The Professional card is an evolutionary step forward in programmable cards with the help of a screwdriver: the controls are digitalised but require certain experience in managing the programming phase.


This is how the innovative Digital Life card was created, providing the simplest way to install Life Home Integration products. Even more intuitive, the new card allows the automation system to be programmed by merely pressing your finger on the keyboard (with its coloured LEDs), making the programming operation of the Life control unit a really simple business. It is all digitalised: this means considerable time savings and a lower margin for errors.

With the DL card you can forget about installation difficulties as it becomes such a simple, quick… and instant affair!


This Life automations department also carries out constant research work on the software used on our products.

Bluetooth programming is another innovation: by downloading the app on your smartphone or tablet, you can perform all operations without having to touch the box inside the control unit.


Refined design

Design is also carefully studied in every detail: the Life Home Integration products are ideal for use in homes, companies and retail settings, including elements with sophisticated shapes and colours. This is why we also study the style of our automatic systems, so that they can fit in perfectly in any setting, including the most sophisticated ones.