Maintenance of sectional and up-and-over doors

We already talked about motors for sectional and up-and-over doors in a previous article with a focus on features, difference and advantages.

In general there are two types of garage doors for residential areas:

  • Up-and-over garage doors

These garage doors consist of a single rigid surface fixed on two lateral steel pins allowing opening or in any case balanced movement of the door thanks to counterweights.

It should be emphasized that up-and-over garage door require greater spaces, and that it is therefore recommended in case of adding a pedestrian door.

  • Sectional garage doors

Definitive feature of sectional doors is the retractable opening: the shutter slides on guides in the ceiling with an upward opening without protruding outwards.

The advantage of this solution is the reduction of required space during the opening phase and it tends to be more elegant and discreet.

Selecting right motor for sectional or up-and-over garage doors, key parameter, in addition to garage door type and its dimensions, is space available above and below the door for its smooth movement.


Let’s go back for a while to the main topic of this article- how to ensure the perfect efficiency of an automated garage door.

First of all, it is good to keep in mind that any intervention must be carried out by a specialized technician to avoid dangerous accidents.

However, observing the information received from the installer, private individuals play an important role in prompt reports of any non-compliance, malfunction as well as issues that somehow limit normal opening and closing of garage doors. And here the key word is “promptly”. We must not wait for the problem to get worse.

Let’s now consider the role of an installer.

The regulations for installation and maintenance of sectional and up-and-over garage doors are collected in Directive 2006/42/CE known as “Direttiva Macchine” or “Machinery Directive”.

The Machinery Directive provides maintenance of sectional garage doors carried out every year with the obligation of certification by the company that performs the work by affixing a plate to the system.

The company performing automation and its maintenance must deliver a document that contains:

– overall drawing of the motorized door

– wiring diagram and control circuits;

– list of risks in door maintenance and description of adopted protection measures;

– technical installation and maintenance manual;

– instruction of correct use;

– maintenance register with all interventions records;

– CE declaration of conformity;

– label or plate with CE marking to apply on automated door.


Regular maintenance must be performed once a year for manual doors, twice a year for motorized versions to keep sectional or up-and-over door in perfect working condition to prevent sudden breakages.

In-depth study of sectional and overhead door maintenance is perfectly presented in a list of the most common operations that must be carried out by a specialized technician:

– verification and lubrication of sliding parts;

– screw check and tightening;

– control and evaluation of seals

– spring balancing;

– motor bar check and cleaning;

– verification and replacement of consumables;

– final verification of correct functioning.

Sectional door is always subject to wear: cables, wheels and springs are moving parts undergoing continuous tensions and movements. After years of installation, it may happen that some of these components lose functionality or deteriorate. To avoid the door locked with garage inaccessible or even worse – still locked open, it is necessary to replace worn components such as cables or springs.

The technician can evaluate in detail correct replacement timing for these components.

Automation issues are also included in technician duties including:

– checking the functionality of motor release;

– adjustment of motor limit switches;

– humidity check in electrical panels and motor;

– cleaning of detection photocell;

Regular maintenance performed by expert technicians together with the use of Life Home Integration motors designed to meet the highest standards of safety, strength and durability over time. Such combination ensures worry-free and in-line automatic opening and closing system with the complete comfort and most absolute functionality.


Yet what features define Life motors among other automation solutions?

  • Installation simplicity thanks to pre-assembled guide kit, designed to facilitate the assembly operation of motors for up-and-over sectional doors;
  • Easy and intuitive programming, guaranteed by the innovative Digital Life control unit which allowing you to complete the operation in just a minute. Completely automated procedure does not require intervening on the board with screwdrivers or other tools significantly reducing the possibility of error;
  • AND … being designed and built with focus on customer needs.