Stylish and practical swing-gate motors from Life Home Integration

In the current market scenario where “automation” is the word of the moment, all sectors are searching for smarter, faster and more intuitive solutions to accelerate all the processes that simplify our daily lives.

Gates, garage doors and road barriers stand out in this context, even more critical in terms of security, particularly when we see news stories that just shouldn’t exist with the availability of modern control systems.

Unfortunately, nothing can be taken for granted and the best solution is always to trust professionals offering high-value products, 100% made in Italy, with rigorous quality-control protocols.

This is the company philosophy and guiding principle of Life Home Integration, where every single product is tested before going out for sale.

Amongst the various product lines from Life, this article will look at our swing-gate motors.



First, let’s talk about how a swing-gate motor generally functions.

Like any automatic gate, operation is powered by a motor.

A remote control triggers a control unit that sends a signal to the motor, prompting it to move the gate.

The control unit also receives and sends other signals, such as those from photocells or other external accessories, or may also be used to communicate with domotics systems.

In the case of photocells, each time these detect an obstacle within their range, the control unit immediately sends a signal which instantly stops the gate.

More specifically, a swing-gate motor powers wings that open and close by rotating around a centre point, moving inwards.

This means that during installation it is necessary to provide space for opening of the wing, an aspect that is far from simple and can lead to various issues.

When selecting the most suitable automation unit, there are various considerations: the configuration of the gate to which the motor is to be installed, that may feature one or two wings, wing dimensions and weight, the length, the status of wing panels for open or panelled wings, the type of hinges, frequency of use and the mechanical state of the wing system.

The type of automation unit is selected on the basis of these features. If the arm installed is not correct for the type of gate, this may compromise normal operation during opening and closing.



The wide range of swing-gate motors offered by Life Home Integration meets requirements linked to the various possible installations. Each Life motor and kit for automatic swing gates with one or two wings offers distinctive features.

Our Optimo line is the most flexible solution, suitable for any context, even for installation on sloping ground. Yet its most distinctive feature is without doubt its exceptional mechanical performance that allows movement of very large wings even in challenging conditions, such as very strong wind. It is generally used as a motor for swing gates with two wings.

Armor is our swing-gate motor with 24V motors that can be installed on large columns with wings up to 2.5 metres. The attractive design also features a built-in control unit on-board the motor, reducing installation times and avoiding external installation of a box with the control unit.

Another solution is Sinuo, with 230V motors that can also be used with columns or wings of large dimensions.

Both are designed for single or double-wing applications.

The range is completed by Ergo, the underground swing-gate motor, which offers lasting performance, even under the most extreme conditions. Its mechanical parts are in fact amongst the most robust on the market.

But beyond a general description of Life swing-gate motors, the thing that truly sets our automation units apart, making them stand out from the numerous solutions available on the market, is the unrivalled simplicity of installation.

Programming of the control unit is automatic, with settings managed directly by software. And the user always has the option to manage programming manually if they wish.

There is no need to read endless manuals, download apps or follow guided procedures that could lead to doubts and problems. Programming is complete in one minute.

Any installer, even those not trained directly by Life, can quickly install a Life automation unit without support and with almost zero margin of error.

This is the product of our research and experience. This is where our value lies.